Top 5 Criteria To Consider For Hiring Android Development Company


As the world accelerates to digitisation day by day, having a mobile app has become imperative for businesses to serve their customers virtually. 

When it comes to building an app, there are mainly two platform options: Android and iOS. While an iOS app could be a lucrative option, it may yield more revenue; if you want to reach out to a mass audience, Android would be the best option.

The real challenge businesses face in their app development journey is finding the right technology partner. Selecting an agency offering effective android development services is important to make sure your end product comes out of the highest quality and makes an impact on your business. 

To make sure you choose the right software partner, make sure you consider these five criteria when finding an app development company.

Things To Take Into Account When Hiring Android Developer

Choosing the right Android app development company is crucial for businesses to prosper in the digital marketplace. Only a reliable agency can offer effective app development services, which drive revenue to your business. 

Therefore, make sure you consider the following things to make the right choice in selecting Android developers for your app projects.

Industry Experience

You may find vastly experienced android developers around the world. But they would be no use to you if they have inadequate or zero experience working in your industry. 

A professional who has built applications for businesses similar to yours will have likely faced the same issues that your product will have. This will help them to deliver solutions faster. 

Furthermore, they will be more familiar with key features the applications in your industry have. Incorporating these functionalities will help you make your app more helpful to your audience. 

So, make sure the developer you choose is backed by significant experience in your industry.

Cost-Effective Services

The development charges in the Android app development market vary in a vast range. Usually, the prices differ by the complexity of the project, number of functionalities, tech stack, number of team members the project requires, the time it takes to build, and the region the development firm belongs to. 

Considering all these factors, you would want to decide on an agency that offers cost-effective solutions that suit your budget. However, make sure you don’t fall for unbelievably lower prices. 

Keep in mind that quality comes with a cost. Hence, make a wise decision choosing a mobile app partner by considering other factors also rather than focusing on the budget only.


There are numerous technologies and platforms to build Android applications. But choosing the right one for your business requirements makes a vast difference in your app’s over performance. 

If you’ve done a little research before approaching companies, you likely will have an idea of a set of technologies in your mind. There are mainly two programming languages for building android apps: Java and Kotlin. 

While the former is a well-known option, the latter is said to be less complex and more powerful. So it would be a sensible choice to hire a Kotlin developer, considering the current popularity of the technology among the development community.

Business Support

A good Android app development company does not just build apps for the sake of earning. They do it to help businesses make growth. 

Therefore, they will be as much interested in knowing your business as you do, if not more than that. They don’t nod to every suggestion you make. Instead, they rationalise every thought and offer better options if there exists one. 

Moreover, they will involve you throughout the development process and keep it as transparent as possible. They will make sure your app does not have any glitches even after launch by offering post-development support and maintenance services.

Full-Fledged App Development Services

Android app development isn’t just about development. It is an umbrella term, including various tasks in it. The process of app development goes through various phases and involves various professionals at every stage. 

A good app development company should be able to offer comprehensive Android development services, from research to design, development, testing, launching, and maintenance. A development company will likely have a full-fledged development team who handles varied tasks. 

This makes the development faster as a collaboration between these professionals is effortless. So, prioritise companies that have every professional included in their team and offer comprehensive Android app development services.

Hire Android Developers at HKInfoway Technologies

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