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Technology Used:  iOS (Swift, Objective-c)



Khaliques is a well-known South African business wear brand, and this iOS application serves as their mobile marketplace where customers can buy clothing and accessories online.

The application provides many features like filters, add to cart, Wishlist, and easy checkout feature that enables customers to have a seamless business wear buying experience.

Moreover, the app features advanced security features that keep users’ transactions data safe and sound.

Technology Used: Android (Kotlin), iOS (Swift)

flowershop-logo is an app built to order flowers, customized cakes, and exquisite gifts online.

The app presents myriads of features that make customers’ gift shopping hassle-free. The filter option lets customers choose perfect cakes, gifts, and flowers from thousands of available choices.

It also contains a built-in live-chat interface, where customers can communicate with sellers and solve their queries.

Technology Used: Android (Java , Kotlin), iOS (Objective-c , Swift)


Yap books

Yap book is a learning platform for children where they can cultivate reading habits and improve their storytelling skills with unique voice animations.

The app introduces children to animated books with subtitles. As kids read the book, it corrects the pronunciation and gives exciting rewards to encourage them to keep reading.

The app also offers a story writing interface where children can create their own stories and improve their storytelling skills.

Technology Used: Android (Java , Kotlin ), iOS (Objective-c , Swift)


Broadway bakery is an iOS app that facilitates customers with multitudes of cakes and gifts to order online.

The app has a beautiful, rapid-responsive user interface that provides all the details of cakes and gifts in a slight single touch.

App’s security system enables users to shop online without worry. Moreover, customers can directly talk to sellers regarding any queries through a built-in, live chat interface.

Technology Used: Android (Java), iOS (Objective-c)


Melodies : Relax & Sleep

Melodies: relax and sleep is an iOS app created for iPad users.

The app includes various sounds that help users to have better sleeps, focused meditation sessions, stress relieves, and a mind soothing experience.

It also includes many audio options to adjust the volume, repetitive playing mode, seamless sound-changing interfaces that allow you to enjoy the music.

Technology Used: iOS (Objective-c)


Inspire : Daily Motivation

Inspire: Daily Motivation is an iOS app that offers 40k+ inspiring quotes to start your day with a positive and motivated mindset.

The app contains bible verses, positive and uplifting quotes, and daily affirmations with beautiful backgrounds.

Its daily reminder option reminds users to check quotes for the day. Moreover, users can share these quotes on social media with their friends and followers.

Technology Used: Android (Java), iOS (Objective-c)


Sober Love

The sober app is a community app for people recovering from any form of addiction.

The app provides help and guidance to users from all over the world. Users can communicate with other users to seek and provide solace and motivation for leaving the deadly addictions.

Moreover, they can post text and media files, send messages, and like each other’s posts to encourage and support.

Technology Used: Android (Java), iOS (Swift)



MCBackup app is an iOS application that offers an easy way to back up your mobile phone’s contact list.

The application helps users backup and store contacts on the cloud or other storage mediums. It also helps to delete and merge duplicate contacts and restore them seamlessly with the selection option.

Also, it enables users to filter contacts by name, job title, birthday, and the date they are added to the phonebook.

Technology Used: Android (Java), iOS (Objective-c)


Diamonds on Call

Diamonds on the call is an iOS application making diamond selling and buying online and hassle-free.

The app lists quality diamond inventories of major diamond manufacturers. The users can use the highest-quality, lab=-grown diamonds and buy them online with just a single click using an easy checkout interface.

Moreover, the app features a cart and Wishlist feature where they store their choice of diamond to buy them later.

Technology Used: Android (Java), iOS (Objective-c)


Tours & Travel

Tours & Travels is an application available on iOS and android platforms.

The application offers a facility to book various national and international tour plans. It features maps of streets and public transportations like buses, trains, subway, and metros of your destination.

The app also includes daily travel itineraries, daily walking routes, city-sighting, hop-on, hop-off tours, and many more.

Technology Used: Android (Java), iOS (Objective-c)


Cars at Cost

Cars at Cost is an iOS application for iPad and iPhone users.

The app helps car owners to sell their vehicles online at their desired price. The app works as a mediator that brings the car seller and buyer to one place to pack the deal.

Seller and buyer can communicate and negotiate online through an easy communication interface.

Technology Used: Android (Java), iOS (Objective-c)


IND Codes

IND Codes is an iOS app that displays IFSC, STD, ISD, PIN, and RTO codes of every part of India in just one click.

It offers various filters to search for the desired codes. Users can add the codes to their favorite list and use them later by copying with just a tap.

The app also features the dark mode enabling usage in low-light places without hurting the eyes.

Technology Used: Android (Java), iOS (Swift)


PA Alert

PA Alert app is made for South African citizens. The app helps citizens to alert the government about damaged roads and potholes.

With the help of the PA Alert app, the government can get information on road conditions and take necessary actions to repair roads as soon as possible.

The app shares the real-time location of potholes and damaged roads with the government, which initiates fixing them.

Technology Used: Android (Java), iOS (Objective-c)



Recipes is an iOS application that helps kids learn cooking and culinary skills.

The app features easy children-friendly recipes for lunch boxes, meals, and camping. Recipes app doesn’t require an internet connection to work, so children can easily cook their favorite dishes without an active internet connection and parents’ guidance. Users can mark recipes as their favorite for easy access.

Moreover, the app includes a diet for infants aged 6-9 months.

Technology Used: Android (Java), iOS (Objective-c)


DormPress: University News

Dormpress is a unique news application available for apple and android devices.

The app features various newspapers and allows everyone to read them. Dormpress is featured with an advanced AI algorithm that customizes the news feed as per readers’ interests and browsing patterns.

Furthermore, users can share news stories on social media with friends and followers.

Technology Used: Android (Java), iOS (Objective-c)


Other Developed Apps