Introducing Green Clippings, the ultimate iPhone app designed to revolutionize lawn and garden servicing for both customers and service providers. With Green Clippings, customers can easily book appointments for their gardening needs, ensuring a hassle-free and convenient experience. Whether it’s lawn maintenance, landscaping, or garden care, this app connects users with a network of reliable service providers. On the service provider side, Green Clippings offers an intuitive platform to manage appointments, streamline operations, and deliver exceptional service to customers. Embrace the future of garden servicing with Green Clippings and unlock a greener, more beautiful world at your fingertips.

Technology Used: Laravel, PHP, MySQL

Third Party Integration : Twilio Chat , Twilio SMS Gateway

Payment Gateway : Stripe Payments

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Khaliques is a leading business wear brand selling formal clothing and accessories offline and online through this website.

The e-store offers a range of business wear, which customers can buy hassle-free with a faster buying process and secured payment gateways.

The website features a myriad of features relating to e-commerce websites, from cart to Wishlist and filters.

Technology Used: PHP, HTML , NodeJS, ReactJs, MySQL

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Sima eyewear is an e-store selling optical frames and eyewear online.

The website is feature-packed with various e-commerce functionalities, eliminating customers’ online eyewear purchasing struggle and providing an efficient buying experience. The website is well-tested and can withstand the higher load without the slightest performance lag.

Moreover, it is built with international standard security best practices that ensure the user has safe and secured shopping.

Technology Used: WordPress, PHP, HTML, MySQL

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Kitchenhut is a preeminent supplier of top-rated, freshest wholesale spices and herbs. Our fresh, dried bulk herbs and spices are available in whole, ground and powdered forms. Moreover, we also offer high-quality wholesale pulses and ready-made Indian masala blends. Shop for fresh spices and pulse packaged fresh at the time of your order.

Technology Used: WordPress, PHP, MySQL

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Vyom Overseas is an e-commerce website for selling plastic kitchenware products, GI Wires, and Indian Spices in the USA, South Africa, UAE, Australia, Canada, and the Maldives.

The website features fast-loading pages that make the navigation seamless and hassle-free for users. It contains intuitive user interfaces, providing visitors with an other-worldly user experience.

The website also includes an additional blog section where visitors can be informed with tips and how-tos.

Technology Used: WordPress, PHP, MySQL

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27Pinkx is an e-commerce store for buying beauty care and cosmetic products.

The website offers a seamless user experience through its user-friendly, interactive interfaces. Moreover, it makes online shopping a hassle-free task with smooth product browsing, Wishlist, and cart features.

Furthermore, the website is built with robust security features to keep users’ online transactions safe and protected.

Technology Used: WordPress, PHP, MySQL

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Global eyes is an e-commerce website selling a wide range of eyewear.

The site has unique, state-of-the-art user interfaces. Smooth loading pages and swift performance offer a great experience to visitors. It has a cart and Wishlist functionality that allows users to save products for later-on purchases.

Moreover, the website is secured with security best practices to protect users’ critical card details and transactions.

Technology Used: WordPress, PHP, MySQL

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H. G. Bava is a leading online furniture store in South Africa.

The e-store sells furniture at wholesale rates through an interactive e-commerce website. It has beautifully designed interfaces accompanied by a great set of features suitable for an e-commerce website. The website is developed keeping a seamless user experience in mind.

Therefore, offers its visitors an exceptional performance and secured buying experience.

Technology Used: WordPress, PHP, MySQL

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Americas Technician Services is an online service-providing portal that enables people to hire American technicians to solve their computer-related technical issues.

Users can appoint expert technicians through an easily-fillable form page and get required services to their place or online.

The website functions faster in terms of loading speed and offers a seamless service-availing experience to customers.

Technology Used: WordPress, PHP, MySQL

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The website serves as a landing page for BPTC – a finance training center based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

BPTC website provides all the information about the company in a very subtle and easily navigable manner. The website’s fast loading capability and institution-appropriate user-interface design offer the most effortless user experience to visitors.

Users can easily enroll themselves in various courses through an easy registration page.

Technology Used: PHP,HTML, MySQL


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Laudium Today is a social media network that shares news, business listings, information, community events, and much more.

The website is developed with programming best practices and rigorous testing cycles to ensure it stays performant in high-traffic circumstances.

The website is created as a single-page application, and therefore, loads everything at once, saving load time. The design of the website is user-friendly and supports easy navigation through pages.

Technology Used: Gatsby, JavaScript

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NBN masala is the largest marketplace selling a variety of spices in Rajkot.

The website aids in online spice purchase and makes it effortless for customers. It has an intuitive, consistent user interface that leads customers through a successful buying session.

Websites also provide a page where dealers can register themselves and acquire a dealership.

Technology Used: WordPress, PHP, MySQL

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Fairplay Hardware is a hardware and decor company that offers building, hardware, home improvement, construction, and DIY products.

The site has an elegant design featured with various functionalities. Website is created with the international coding standard, and therefore, provides top-notch performance and seamless user experience to visitors. Moreover, the website includes the careers page, where job seekers can seamlessly apply.

Technology Used: PHP, HTML, MySQL

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DormPress is an app that creates personalized newsfeeds from multiple student newspapers around the country.

The website features a newsfeed that offers general news at first, and as the readers read along, it applies the incorporated machine learning algorithm that displays customized news articles as per the reader’s interests.

Moreover, the website adds gamification elements into the news reading experience, so the users can achieve extra points as they read further.

Technology Used: PHP, mysql

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Euphoria Club is an event management company.

The website facilitates the organizers to seamlessly schedule a meeting with Euphoria event managers to handle traditional, private, or professional events.

The site is aesthetically designed that matches the company’s elegant and unique tone. The swift loading pages combined with classy designed user interfaces offer an exceptional user experience to visitors.

Technology Used: Wix

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