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Required Skills for PHP Developer:

  • Excellent Experience in Core PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, and MySQL
  • Sound knowledge of HTML, CSS, & Bootstrap
  • Experience with third-party APIs

Why should you work in

PHP Development?

Being one of the top scripting languages, PHP can offer a huge number of benefits when you choose to hire a PHP developer for building your website or web application.

Faster Development Speed

As PHP is one of the oldest languages in the market, you can hire PHP developers with years of experience who can build software solutions at a rapid speed.

Supports Seamless Scalability

PHP has evolved a lot over the years; therefore, the scope of scaling your current website is higher in PHP than any other web development technology.

Easy Maintenance

PHP supports modern programming architectural patterns like MVC, ensuring your project code stays separate and easily maintainable.

Reliable Technology

PHP is one of the most reliable technologies, thanks to its developers' continuous updation to make it more secure.

Budget-Friendly Solutions

PHP developers are available in abundance. So, you can hire PHP programmers at more affordable rates than any other technology.

Vast Framework Support

PHP is supported by a number of frameworks that speed up the development process and offer the most reliable quality software solution.

Hiring Model & Hiring Process

A dedicated developer can encourage and lead your business to the competitive edge of digital transformation and scale up within a rapid turnaround time at a minor cost. Here are the reasons to follow our approach.

Full-time Hiring


Part-time Hiring

Fix-Cost Based

Monthly Based

Why Hire

PHP developers from HKInfoway Technologies?

We have been at the forefront of providing dedicated PHP support to companies worldwide.

Cost Saving Solutions

You can hire PHP programmers in India from a pool of PHP experts who will dedicatedly allocate their full attention to delivering your project on time.

Skilled PHP Developers

We offer you to hire dedicated PHP developers in India. We have a pool of skilled PHP developers with varied experience.

No Training Required

If you choose HKInfoway Technologies to hire PHP developers, you can get well-trained experts who don’t require any training before starting your project.

Regular Reports

We ensure you get regular reporting at every milestone achieved. Also, we can set up real-time project tracking systems that can help you track your project live.

Easy Communication

Though we provide affordable development, we maintain integrity and never compromise with the quality of our Android development services.

Flexible & Scalable Solutions

With our agile Android development services, you can expect to get your application delivered at least on time.

How you can hire PHP developers Online in India

HKInfoway Technologies has been the house of talented PHP developers since its foundation. We have years of experience in PHP development and have been the number one choice to hire dedicated PHP developers in India.

Our team of dedicated PHP developers has grown their skillset with years of experience working on PHP technology. So you will get complete expert support when you hire PHP programmers from us.

  • Highly Proficient Team of PHP Developers
  • Guaranteed Project Success
  • On-Time Delivery
  • Large & Fast-Paced Projects
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Long-term Maintenance Support
  • Hassle-free Project Management
  • Dedicated to Deliver 100% Satisfied Services
  • Quality Assured Solutions
  • Expertise in Varied Mobile Technologies


When you hire our PHP developers, you can expect them to dedicatedly work on your PHP project, giving their full attention to it. They can enhance the technical capability of your existing team or can supplement the lack of technical expertise.

You cannot estimate the development cost before you hire a PHP developer because development cost can only be determined after analyzing various factors such as your requirements, project complexity, features, functionalities, etc.

If you hire dedicated PHP developers, you can save your development cost and fulfil the lack of a technical expert team. Moreover, you can ensure to get your project delivered in a timely manner when you hire PHP developers from HKInfoway Technologies.

A dedicated PHP developer should have excellent experience in Core PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, and MySQL. And they should be well-versed in HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap as well as third-party APIs.

While the project time can only be determined after a thorough analysis of project requirements, we can confidently say that PHP takes less development time than its competitors.

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