Complete Guide To Native App Development in 2022


Since the first smartphone launched, native app development has been a primary means of creating mobile applications. Whether it is Android or iPhone app development, the native way has always been a favourite to developers. But, not just developers, businesses also prefer native development as it offers speed, performance, and reliability – values modern smartphone users praise.

For non-tech people, this subject might be a little alien. But, if you were planning to build an app and got overwhelmed hearing this new “native app development term”, worry not. It is nothing but a fancy way of saying mobile app development. However, the subject is quite wide.

And therefore, we have decided to shed some light on it. So be with us to know what native apps and development are, how they can benefit and bane you, and why you should hire a native app development company.

What are native apps and native app development?

A native app is a mobile application specifically created for a particular platform. To elaborate further, note that different platforms use different technologies to build applications. For example, Android uses Java and Kotlin, and iOS uses Objective-C and Swift. Therefore, you need to know these languages or technologies to carry out Android app development or iPhone mobile app building.

Native app development is a process of building mobile applications using specific technology, tools, and development environments. Apps are developed using specific programming languages and environments. Although the native approach is more common and preferred, many development environments allow developers to create hybrid applications that run on multiple platforms.

Advantages of native app development

Despite having so many hybrid development platforms in the market, developers still prefer to use native app development, and for good reasons. Native development has many advantages that support the development process and benefit businesses.


Most developers believe that creating mobile applications natively results in better performance. And this is a true assertion to an extent because native apps are singularly familiar with the operating systems they run on, which makes these apps more flexible on their native platforms. And this results in faster performance.


This is another reason experts and businesses prefer the native approach. Native apps are considered more secure because they have security protocols that work through all layers of OS, unlike hybrid platforms, which work via web technologies to perform on multiple platforms.


Native app development supports easier-to-build and interactive APIs. Moreover, native apps are compatible with certain UI/UX elements native to the platform you are building an app for. Furthermore, native apps support greater interactivity and navigation, something cross-platform platforms cannot offer.

Disadvantages of native app development

Although native apps offer significant benefits over hybrid ones, tech companies still create and launch hybrid applications; why? Like everything in the world, native app development is not perfect and has some disadvantages.

Time to market

If you want your application on every platform, native development could be an exhaustive task and might not be a suitable option. Building separate applications for every platform takes more time, effort, and cost, which is not a profitable choice for businesses. If you want to launch your app in a short period, hybrid is a good option for you.


The more time your mobile app takes to build, the more it costs. You will likely hire different development teams for different platforms. For example, you may hire an Android development team for Android phones and hire iOS Swift developers for Apple devices. And apparently, this is an expensive option in contrast to hiring a full-stack team for hybrid app development.


Lack of accessibility could also be a problem with native applications. You might know the difficulty users may face when they want to download an application that is only available for Android or iOS. Since native app development costs more, some businesses may not afford to build apps for every platform. That’s when hybrid app development can be a better option than its native counterpart.

Why should you hire a native app development company?

You will likely get different answers from each developer you ask this question. However, some common reasons you should hire a native app development company.

Reason #1: Team of professionals

If you have ever tried building a team for your IT project, you know the sheer amount of time and effort you put into the process. You have to find them, review their resumes, conduct interviews, hire them, and train them; the same long process for every professional. However, agencies have a team of different professionals, from designers to developers and testers. Moreover, whether you want iPad app development, iPhone app development, or Android app development, if you choose to go for a native app development company, you can get every professional at your services.

Reason #2: Experience and expertise

App development agencies likely have more experience working with more clients and on various projects than individual freelancers. Plus, you can expect them to adhere to professionalism and completely rely on their work without giving it a second thought. The developers they possess are well-trained and can offer expert services to achieve your goals and meet business requirements.

Reason #3: Saves time and cost

App development is costly. It may cost between $50k to $1 million. And you might have to put in more cash than necessary if you hire the wrong developer. You don’t know how much time your project would take to build. And if you choose to go for freelancers or build an in-house team, you’re already wasting it. Dedicated app development companies have all professionals on their premises, offering you comprehensive development services, which leads to time and cost savings.

Ready to start your native app development?

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