Top Android App Development SDKs and Libraries to Use


Whether you are a student or an android developer, you landed on this page, which means you are expanding your knowledge base on android SDKs and libraries. SDKs and libraries are necessary tools that help build mobile applications quickly and seamlessly.

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Back to the SDKs, they are a set of tools that ease developers’ efforts in building web and mobile applications. There are many useful android development SDK tools and libraries that you can use to develop your app; read the blog to the bottom to know them.

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Top Android SDKs

SDKs empower developers to create robust and feature-rich mobile applications real quick as they offer a great set of tools that can be implemented into the app. Android’s top SDKs includes:



Firebase is a mobile app development platform owned by Google. It helps developers to build their Android and iOS apps at a faster speed without worrying about the underlying infrastructure. More than 90% of android apps that use backend services use the Google firebase.

Firebase is a Backend-as-a-Service (BaaS) that offers a range of tools such as real-time database, authentication, test lab, and hosting. Moreover, it can be used for tracking analytics, app reporting, crash fixing, conducting marketing and product experiments.


Amazon AWS

Amazon AWS is a powerful cloud computing platform providing scalable and cost-efficient cloud services. The platform helps businesses to build robust, scalable, and sophisticated mobile applications that serve them online with a variety of tools and services.

AWS provides services like database storage and backup, website hosting, and launching and scaling of mobile applications. Tools like code star help develop, build, and deploy applications at ease. Moreover, it offers various security frameworks such as IAM and KMS that keep your application and its data safe.



Owned by PayPal, Braintree is a payment service provider that allows mobile applications and websites to accept online payments in an easy and seamless way. Braintree offers full-stack payment services, including payment gateway and merchant account. So, you don’t have to have separate accounts for both.

Braintree’s Drop-in UI tool helps developers to create payment user interfaces in a simple and efficient way. It offers a pre-formatted form and allows developers to integrate it into website and mobile applications.

To keep your credit card data safe, Braintree links it with a one-time-use string called a nonce, which allows the passing of your payment from the server to Braintree without touching sensitive data.



Qt is a framework used to build cross-platform applications that run on every hardware device and operating system. The framework offers necessary functionality and state-of-the-art GUI tools, helping developers create robust cross-platform applications.

You can maintain a single code-based application that runs on mobile phones, the web, and desktops. Moreover, it aids in porting of an application on multiple platforms with a simple recompilation. Unlike other cross-platform apps, Qt apps run at native app-like speed and look similar to native applications.



Apptimize is the most powerful A/B testing and feature management tool for mobile and web applications. It offers a visual editor that allows developers to experiment and conduct A/B testing on Android applications. You don’t have to release multiple versions of your app for A/B testing and wait for Playstore or App Store approval to deploy them. You can easily AB test with Apptimize.

Top Android Libraries

Though Android itself offers many helpful libraries in its development environment, if you want to enhance the functionality of your mobile applications, there are third-party libraries that you can use, such as:



When you are dealing with large databases and want to visualize these data into your mobile application, the MPAndroidChart library can be the best option. It is a cost-free android chart view or graph view library you can use to draw various charts like line, bar, pie, histogram, radar, bubble, and candlestick charts.


Gravity View

Gravity View is an Android UI library that tilts images and content using motion. The library uses motion sensors of an android device to enable users to view content by rotating the device. Gravity View scrolls the images by reading a gyroscope motion sensor. The library supports Android versions of 3.0 and higher.



Dagger2 is a dependency injection library for the Android platform. The library creates the dependency injection graph at compile time by annotation processors, saving developers time and effort. Moreover, the Dagger2 library simplifies the access of shared instances by enabling easy declaration of fields using simple @Inject annotation.



Koin is another dependency injection library developed by Kotlin. It takes less configuration than Dagger and supports lazy injections and View Models. Being Kotlin supported, Koin generates less boilerplate code than Dagger, which is based on Java.



Retrofit is a type-safe HTTP REST client library for Android. It provides a framework that enables effective authentication and interaction and lets you get connected with HTTP-based API services through your android application.

With myriads of SDK tools and libraries available for Android, app development has become relatively simple than other platforms, decreasing the development cost and quicker time-to-market.

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