How Much Does it Cost to Develop an iOS App?


Every individual who wants to build an iOS app asks this question: how much does it cost? And every company that has been asked this question answers with an estimated cost assessing the app requirements. The final price is hard to determine without thoroughly evaluating all the needs and scope of an iPhone app development.

App development is a vast spectrum that involves many elements. Therefore, knowing the exact cost of your app might not be easy. But you can estimate the budget by considering these factors.

How to determine the cost of your iOS app development project

Below is a formula that will help you get an idea about your iOS app development project’s cost-estimation.

As we have said earlier, there is no fixed price for iOS app development. So, determining the cost is a little trickier. Thankfully, there are certain factors that can help you have an estimation of your app development cost.

Factors that affect iOS App Development Cost

There is not a certain fixed amount to answer when it comes to the cost of app development, whether it’s iOS or Android. Instead, there are several factors that you can take into consideration to have a lump-sum idea.


Size of an app

The size of an app is determined by the number of features it involves. The more your app has featured, the more time your developer would need to build them, and the higher the cost will be. At first, you may be tempted to provide your customers with every feature possible to offer them a great user experience.

But doing so, you may increase your project budget. And if you are a startup, this could add another expense before generating revenue. So, if you think your app has too many features, prioritise a few necessary ones currently on the app trend benefits, and keep others for future enhancement.

The complexity of an app

If you already have fewer features, but they are complex and require expert developers, your app development cost may go higher. In addition, features that need advanced technologies need more time to develop, leading to increased hours your project will need to build.

Features that involve Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Blockchain, or the Internet of Things, may be hard to build and often need expert developers with vast experience in these fields. This increases the cost of your iPhone app development.

Category of an app

The kind of app you want to make determines how high the cost will be. For example, banking and enterprise-level apps would be costly to build because they require a high level of security, features, exceptional speed, cloud integration, and many other critical features to meet business-specific requirements.

Moreover, m-Commerce apps, social media apps, and hardware-dependent apps are some examples that could be costlier to build. However, stand-alone apps are less expensive. These apps do not need third-party app integration and can run independently, such as clocks, calendars, calculators, to-do lists, note pads, timers, etc. Besides this, the cost of building an app with Objective-C would slightly vary from the price of iPhone app development using Swift.

Location of the company

Location plays a vital role in determining the cost of your iPhone app development. The same project’s cost can vary according to regions, continents, and countries. For example, if you hire someone from a developed country, they may charge higher than the developers of developing countries.

Furthermore, the type of developer also determines the cost. For example, hiring freelancers can cut high costs. However, hiring freelancers has its own disadvantages. For example, you may have communication problems, and quality may get hampered. Thus, we suggest you hire a dedicated developer from an outsourcing company.

After-launch services

App development is a continuous process and does not end with launching. In fact, the real battle starts from here. Now you have to gather users’ feedback and try to improve your app with that. In addition, you may have to eliminate technical flaws affecting your app’s performance and user experience.

That is where app maintenance services come into play. Generally, some companies offer them for free for some time. This includes removing bugs, updating platforms, updating security patches etc., which are necessary to ensure your app keeps running without a halt. Of course, you would need to pay for this service once the free period ends.

Which is the less expensive app development platform: iOS or Android?

There is no vast difference between the platforms, and building an app in either may cost the same. However, some studies suggest that Android app development is less costly than iOS app development.