What Is Node JS? Why Should You Use It?


If you are in the initial stage of your website development and researching the technologies and platforms to be used in your project, you most probably have come across Node JS. Node JS has taken the web development world by storm right now. 

It has become a favourite to web developers for offering custom web development services. And with continuous up-gradation in the technology, Node JS is becoming more prevalent in the web development industry. This sometimes raises a question: why Node JS. So, to answer that, we have curated this little introductory article describing Node JS and why you should use it in your next web development project. So let’s get started.

What is Node JS?

Nowadays, it is one of the trendy programming language in web development. Node JS is often referred to as a framework or library of JavaScript programming language. However, that is incorrect, as it is neither a library nor a framework. Instead, the official website of Node JS refers to it as a JavaScript runtime built on Google Chrome’s V8 engine.

To be more precise, Node JS is a server-side JavaScript-based technology that brings the potential of JavaScript to build backend systems. This enables developers to build robust websites and applications with a single code base used in both client-side and server-side aspects of the development.


So, now you have an idea about what Node JS is, let’s move to the reasons why you should use Node JS.

Why Should We Use Node JS? (Features)

Non-blocking I/O

Node JS adheres to a non-blocking request execution method, which is one of the most notable features of the technology. Non-blocking is a request handling method where the website creates a single thread to handle requests. This makes Node JS more speedy, eliminating the need for synchronisation and related risks.


Libuv is a multi-platform C library, mainly used for the Node JS environment. Libuv helps Node JS to run endless cycles of single threads. It creates a pool of up to four threads that are simultaneously processed. On top of this, it also sends requests to the operating system, which takes care of the timing.

Node Package Manager (NPM)

As its name suggests, node Package Manager or NPM is a package manager of Node JS. NPM helps you access over a million free and paid packages and dependencies stored in an npm Registry database. And these packages make your development process more seamless.

Event-driven programming

Node JS generously uses events, which is why the technology is faster than its competitors. It instantly initialises variables and functions and listens to event occurrences. Moreover, the event-driven programming approach of the technology makes the program as simple as possible.

Applications of Node JS


Real-time chat applications

As Node JS has a single-threaded synchronous nature, it makes a well-suited choice for real-time communication. Furthermore, scaling is always easier with Node JS and is often used in building chatbots. Moreover, Node JS also makes creating additional chat features like multi-person chat and push notifications easier.

Internet of Things apps

The technology must be fast for an IoT system as these devices continuously send small bits of data that can pile into a large chunk of requests. Therefore, node JS is a perfect choice for IoT-based apps as it can rapidly respond to these concurrent requests.

Data streaming

Big tech giants like Netflix use Node JS to stream videos because the technology is faster and lightweight and offers a native streaming API. In addition, node JS has readable and writable streams. These stream instances allow users to channel data to each other and stream data directly to its final destination.

eCommerce Website

Node JS is also a great option for eCommerce web development services. This is because the technology has proven itself in aspects of high-traffic load, scalability, and concurrent request handling. These characteristics are most important in eCommerce websites. And for these reasons, Node JS is a good choice for building eCommerce websites.

Single Page Applications (SPA)

Single Page Applications renders an entire site on a single page. And Node JS could be a good option for this as it is efficient at handling asynchronous calls and heavy I/O workloads of such applications. In addition, the event loop allows the delay of multiple concurrent requests, ensuring a smooth page transition.

Rest API-based Apps

Thanks to Node JS, JavaScript can be used for both the frontend and backend sides of a website. And hence the server can easily communicate with the frontend through REST APIs using Node JS. Moreover, Node JS also offers packages like Express.js and Koa, making web development even easier.

Should We Hire Remote NodeJS Developer Online?

Well, we have discussed the features, applications, and advantages of Node JS, which suggests the potential of technology in varied fields of web development. So it is very useful if you hire remote developers or development team for your project with proper reporting.

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